Decision Making

We try to remain truthful to our values – openness, transparency and collaboration – also when regarding our own decision making. That’s why you are welcome to participate in shaping what OKF Finland becomes.

The Board of is the formal decision-making body of OKF Finland. The board is appointed by the Annual Meeting, as established by the Associations Act and the Rules of the Association

How to participate?

Most ideas and decision items arise from the working groups and the core team, which are the primary arenas for taking part and discussing different suggestions and issues concerning OKF Finland. There’s a Facebook group for the Core team and for most working groups, where different matters are discussed. The core team discussion group is open to the core members appointed by the board, but not to everybody as confidential issues are sometimes discussed there. However, all working group discussion groups are open to everybody.

If you wish to inform the board about something or propose a decision item, you can ask the working group contact persons or the president or the secretary of the board (see the OKFFI team).

Starting from spring 2014, OKFFI decided to experiment a decision making platform called Loomio. When waiting for next board meeting isn’t an option, instead of traditional and closed e-mail decisions, we are discussion and making decision in Loomio as well. The decision are formally confirmed afterwards in the next board meeting.

OKFFI Loomio

Before spring 2014, OKFFI board used a Google+ group “Päätökset” for open agenda setting and discussion. After introducing Loomio and Core Facebook-chat, the Google+ group has been left unused.

Board Meetings / Hallituksen kokoukset

During the current term 2015-2016, the Board Meetings are arranged the first Thursday of every month. You can look for the next board meeting (“hallituksen kokous”) from the OKF Finland Calendar.

All meeting minutes and agendas can be found from OKF Finland Google Drive.

Current year 2015-2016.

Annual Meetings / Vuosikokoukset

Next Annual Meeting:

  • Annual Meeting of 2016 – date to be confirmed

Past Annual Meetings



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