#16 Community development

Session host: Pekka Sarkola (Gispo Oy) POS and Jarkko Moilanen (Ossoil tmi) JM

Time and place: Check the eagenda http://bit.ly/okf-convention_agenda


Community is key part of all Open related activities. Even Open Knowledge Foundation is community. I like to learn more how to establish communities, what are the best practices etc. We might also prepare some kind of toolset for community managers to create great communities under of umbrella of OKF Finland. The session is organized as a round table with ~3-5 experienced Community managers participating.

Expected outcomes

  1. Roadmap for “Finnish” way of community development
  2. What are OKF Finland’s community management activities? (for example: Best practices, financing, regular community manager meetings, etc.)

Planning / documentation etherpad: http://fi.okfnpad.org/community-management