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Unohda kalvosulkeiset, nyt kääritään hihat ylös!

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Wondering the picture above? Crowdsourcing, or sorsastus as familiarly dubbed in Finnish, apparently happens to sound lot like duck hunting. Image:

How to submit a proposal?

We are introducing a new, open and collaborative way of submitting proposals. Forget about hustle with e-mails going back and forth or filling forms that you never see again once you’ve pressed send. Please say hello to collaborative writing in OKF etherpad. It’s as simple as it can get -click on the link of your preferred format category and just start writing at the bottom of the page on a free slot.

1# Choose the suitable category

2# Choose the session format

Choose one of the pre-planned session formats (lightning talk, project sprint, video studio etc.) from the list below or choose the “Free” -format.

3# Fill in your proposal by answer to four simple questions (find first free slot at the bottom of the etherpad page)

  1. Proposition title
  2. Proposer(s) contact details (name, E-mail,Organization, project, links etc.)
  3. Session format (choose one from the list)
  4. Proposition description (400 characters)

You can always stop and come back later, as long as you remember that the deadline for the submissions is 14.12.2012. So why don’t fill in the first pieces of information right now and then let’s improve it later on?

Choosing the session format

See below the suggested programme formats and propose your content in one of the formats. They are for your inspiration but not to limit your imagination, so feel free to adapt them to suit your needs. If your idea does not fit into any of the pre-planned programme formats you can choose the “Free” -format. These hands-on session formats might take more time for preparation, but in exchange, combined together they will make OKF Convention an unique experience for all the participants.

Plenary sessions – for the big audience

Do you have something interesting to offer for the whole OKF Convention audience – Lightning Talk, Announcement, Debate -topic, Cool Keynote? Don’t miss your opportunity for the big audience!

Lightning Talk five minute well prepared presentation + few minutes for Q&A – what is your offer?

Announcements what would you like to announce for 100 people in short 1-minute time?

Debate Not a basic panel discussion, but sharp and witty argument instead – who should be debating and on what topic?

Keynote not so many talking heads this time – who would be the one keynote speaker that we should try to get (unfortunately no budget to fly anybody in from abroad) or what topic would be most interesting?

Night keynote / Overseas guru when night falls in Tuusula it is still day overseas, which “guru” should we try to get to present a speech for us via video call?

Gala dinner ideas for atmosphere / networking

Breakout sessions

Do you want to go into details? Then choose breakout session and engage a small group of participants into fascinating hour or two of your topic.

Round table hour of free form discussion with interested peers – what is your topic and expected outcomes of the round table conversation?

Learn-the-basics-of what would you like to teach or learn in two hours?

API-date Hook up curious APIs looking for new friends, maybe more? Each participant presents at least one her favourite APIs – then let’s brainstorm what kind of connections could be build between the APIs, what service ideas raises?

Project sprint what is your project, what would you do in hour or two with other bright minds from the OKF convention to take the project one step further?

Pitching training in order to fly the ideas need to be communicated well – bring your open knowledge project or idea and lear to pitch it and help others to shape their pitches.

Usability testing camp direct and constructive feedback from friendly but critical user group – what is your service that you would like to put into the test?

Video studio having professional filming equipment and professionals helping to shoot high quality promo video for your open knowledge project – what would you do?

Free something else that does not fit into any of the other pre-defined formats

Easy going

Exhausted after the intensive day full of incredible program? Hard work needs easy leisure time -choose Easy going and bring your collagues a fun opportunity to relax.

Sauna session programme that suites well with sauna

OKfest videolevyraati present your favourite OKfest -video for the rest – brief discussion and reflection after each video

Gaming session what game (computer/console/boardgeme) should be played?

Outdoor activity / light what would you like to do outside in wintertime when there is still daylight?

Outdoor activity / dark what would you like to do outside in wintertime when it is dark?

Organising a session

Proposer and his/her collagues or team is in responsibility of organizing the proposition. You can organize the session by on your own or you can try to get new people to help you if you need. The core team is unfortunaly unable to help organizing individual sessions as we are fully booked with organizing general matters. We provide the spaces, related infrastructure and the Convention web pages to advertise your program. Organizers are not paid any compensation, but instead they are also asked to buy their tickets to the Convention, as the spirit is that organizers are participants and participants are organizers.


We’re looking for organizers and content for hands-on sessions that engage both the organizers and participants to actively work on interesting topics. As organizer, you decide the format and the point of view for the session. For example, if you happen to have an organization that allows people to suggest ideas for citizens’ initiatives for law-making, and you want to organize an API-date, then, you are prepared to have at least one facilitator for the API-date at the venue who knows how to run the session, steering the conversation into direction that is related to writing good laws with arising from the grassroots. Alternatively, should you be a member of a association promoting virtual currency and you feel the need to develop your web page, you might want to get feedback from people interested or totally new to the theme. Then you organize a session with a some sort of usability test process and for your own benefit, document what your participants tell you. Attendants will focus on your web page for an hour or two and not only get good insight lesson about the future of what money will be alike, but in addition they feel that they contributed to something bigger.

* New to etherpad? If you have used Google docs instead, you already know what’s it’s about. It’s a text editor like familiar notepad or Word, but this time you use it with web browser and you might not be alone. Sharing the public link, anybody can write on the same pad at the same time. Don’t hesitate, try it out! Additionally, you don’t probably have to mind, but there’s a small chat room which is used usually for meta-discussion, if there’s a lot of people and you don’t want to change the text.