#1 Un-conference space

Session host: Antti Poikola

Time and place: Check the agenda http://bit.ly/okf-convention_agenda


The whole schedule of the event may seem fully packed, but we have also reserved flexible un-conference time and space that can be used for ad-hoc discussions etc. during the event. If you have some topic in mind that you would like to discuss, please add that to the etherpad: http://fi.okfnpad.org/open-space

There are several time slots in the agenda marked “Un-conference-space” that will be used wisely during the conference for all kinds of ad-hoc discussions and projects. The meeting point for all un-conference style discussions is at the main plenary hall, byt the groups are free to choose the most convenient space for their discussions.

Later in the evening there is also more guided way to discuss several topics in relaxed atmosphere, this is marked in the agenda “Open space  – continue the interesting topics in more relaxed atmosphere”.