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Why do we organize the OKF Finland Convention?

Concrete benefits for all participants and their open knowledge projects: great Finnish Open Knowledge Projects are getting started here and there, we want that this event can bring some direct benefits for the projects, it may be a new promotional video from the “Video Studio” or steps taken in “Project Sprint”. Individual participants may learn new skills in “Learn-the-basics-of-session” and of course get to know new people and enjoy the atmosphere.

Community building: OKfest 2012 in Helsinki was international, great and exciting – it was so big and hectic that many Finns didn’t have time to discuss with each others. One aim of the OKF Finland Convention is to bring the local actives together again and build the local Finnish Open Knowledge Community stronger and more interconnected.

Kick-starting officially the OKF Finland: the local group, Open Knowledge Foundation Finland, was started in the 2011 November meet-up, now one year later it is time to move forward and establish officially the juridical organization for Open Knowledge Foundation Finland. In the event there will be time and space to clarify the identity of Open Knowledge Foundation Finland and debate the mission and plans of the new association. Hopefully many participants will feel some amount of ownership towards the OKF Finland.

Who should participate?

The event is targeted for people active in the field of open knowledge in Finland. Whether open knowledge touches your daily work or if you are passionate about it for other reasons doesn’t matter. We expect to see in the OKF Finland convention individual hackers, civil servants, business people and advocates from NGOs. Open mind – willingness to share and learn – walk to talk attitude.

How can I participate?

  • Right now, the ticket sales is open here: https://holvi.com/shop/OKF-Finland/ there are maximum 100 places in the convention, so be quick!
  • There are still some flexibility in the agenda and until Jan 14th 2013 it is possible to suggest conten, contact directly antti.poikola A gmail.com!



Sorry, but the title is actually a bit misleading – at OKF Convention, you get the programme for free, but we need to cover the accomodation, the premises and the adundant feasting that the kitchen has to offer. That’s why instead of tickets we have Convention passes available and with one, you’re allowed to participate as much as you want to!

    • Full 24h pass 128€

Full 24h pass entitles you to attend, participate, organize, get accomodated, go to sauna, and enjoy three meals, breakfast, snacks and drink all the coffee you need. This is the pass that you need to get most out of your OKF Convention experience!

    • Volunteer pass 64€

Volunteer passes are intended for participants who are not able to take part without discounted price, and instead are willing to help organize the convention. This does not mean organizing the sessions, but volunteering in all kinds of general tasks. The passes are meant especially for students and unemployed and we offer only a limited amount of them, so be quick and read more about applying for one!

    • Sponsor pass 384€

We offer organizations with similar spirit that we have an unique opportunity to make a difference within the Open Knowledge movement in Finland. Please contact core team member Joonas Pekkanen for more information.

Ticket sales and sign-up open now!