Inspiring Venue

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Arriving to the venue

Onnela Inn is located at Rantatie 34, Tuusula. The earlier you can arrive, the better, because the accomodating in the beginning takes some time. From Helsinki, you can take for example one of these commuter trains:

  • Z-train 10:41-11:03
  • H-train 10:48-11:11
  • N-train 10:51-11:28

Free Shuttle service from Kerava station

We provide free shuttle service from Kerava station to the venue between 11.00-12.00. Go under the railway through the passanger tunnel to the station square in front of old station building. Last pick-up will take place around 11.45. Also after the program on Saturday, there is free transportation back to Kerava station.


Kartta OKF Conventionin tapahtumapaikalle Majatalo Onnelaan (Rantatie 34).

Session spaces

The organizers’ core team allocates spaces for sessions on the basis of call for proposals. We evaluate the submissions and if necessary, discuss your needs and try to find the best suitable space for your session. Luckily, we have plenty of different size rooms available!

In the first round of call for proposals it’s not necessary to pay attention to the space requirement of an individual submission, at least if your session can be organized with a standard size room for 10-20 people and you don’t need any specific infrastructure.

Main building Toukola

Impivaara, old main building

  • Impivaara downstairs, 2-3 rooms (max. ca. 20 + 10 + <10 people)
  • Impivaaran upstairs, one small hall and 2-3 rooms (max. 30 + 20  + <10 people)

Negotiation room Jukola (max. 10 people)

Tammisto negotiation room ( max. 20 people)

Männistö’s cottage( max. 10 people)


Tickets include accomodation in a shared room for 2 or 3 people. The premises are reserved exclusively for participants during OKF Convention Read more about the facilities on Onnela’s page.