#24 Finnish Open Government Partnership

Session host: Johanna Nurmi (VM) ja Teemu Ropponen (OM)

Time and place: Check the agenda http://bit.ly/okf-convention_agenda


Finland has decided to apply for membership in the Open Government Partnership Initiative (OGP). The OGP was launched in New York on the 29th of November 2011. The global OGP-initiative aims at promoting more transparent, effective and accountable public administration. The goal is to develop dialogue between citizens and administration and to enhance citizen engagement. The OGP aims at concrete commitments from participating countries to promote transparency, to fight corruption, to citizen participation and to the use of new technologies.

To join Finland will have to deliver a national action plan on how to reach the targets. The Finnish Ministry of Finance has set up a co-operation project to draft the national action plan and to dialogue and engage citizens and civil society organizations. The main goal of the Finnish action plan is to increase participation opportunities. The draft actions are grouped under four subcategories: open procedures, clear language, open knowledge and government as an enabler. In this session the draft action plan is presented and further improved together with the participants.

Links for more information: www.opengovernment.fi and www.avoinhallinto.fi (in Finnish).