24 Hours Agenda

Ohjelmaa lounaasta lounaaseen

OKF Finland Convention100 Participants | 24 Hours Agenda | Crowdsourced Programme | Inspiring Venue

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The agenda has seven plenary sessions for everybody, fifteen breakout sessions from different topics for doing and learning, two longer project sprints for programmers, three OKF Finland working group sessions and several easy going activities. This may seem fully packed, but we have also reserved flexible un-conference time and space that can be used for ad-hoc discussions etc. during the event.


Follow these links to see the schedule (session time and place):




The green blocks in the agenda are plenary sessions, when there is no other parallel programme. The plenary sessions are in english and take place in the main hall and will be streamed and video recorded, these sessions include keynotes, lightning talks and other programme that is common for everybody.

Breakout sessions

Fifteen breakout sessions from different topics for doing and learning. The breakout sessions are spread in various places at the venue and there are several sessions going on at the same time, check from the agenda exact time and place of each session.


Two longer project sprints for especially programmers and alike who wish to get things done, the results of these project sprints will be shared for the convention audience on saturday.

OKF Finland working groups

Four session that are dedicated four planning and building thematic working groups under OKF Finland

Easy going

Several easy going activities including saunas, outdoor activities, gaming etc. for relaxing and enjoying