#11 Open Data Master Class -koulutus Suomessa

Session host: Sanna Marttila (Aalto University ARTS and http://avoinglam.fi) ja Petri Kola

Time and place: Check the eagenda http://bit.ly/okf-convention_agenda


Successfully opening cultural data and content depends on a number of factors and actions. During 2013 OKF Finland Avoin/Open GLAM and Aalto University, ARTS will organize the Open up your cultural data! master class that is directed to Finnish culture and memory institutions that would like to open their data/metadata or release content under open license (e.g. Creative Commons license) but are lacking in-house skills to carry out the deemed actions in practice. The master class equips participating representatives from cultural institutions with necessary knowledge and skills to open cultural heritage and data for wider public for re-use. The action has three main objectives: share knowledge about open data, licenses and content within the cultural sector, open cultural data by the Finnish cultural institutions and provide this data for meaningful re-use, and create partnerships with various GLAM institutions and strengthen the national network.

The master class builds upon a Dutch initiative Open Cultuur Data http://www.opencultuurdata.nl/

This project sprint seeks for participants from the open data community to share their previous experiences, provide comments and insights to the preliminary plans and discuss the nature of open culture data (i.e. what kind of data would be interesting to open).

Expected outcomes of the project sprint:

  1. Finalized program/content for the Open up your cultural data! master class
  2. List of interested experts to participate (e.g. give lectures – lecture fee will be paid)
  3. Connection to Apps4Finland 2013 competition (release data sets from Finnish cultural institutions)