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How can I participate?


The agenda has eight plenary sessions for everybody, fifteen breakout sessions from different topics for doing and learning, two longer project sprints for programmers, four OKF Finland working group sessions and several easy going activities. This may seem fully packed, but we have also reserved flexible un-conference time and space that can be used for ad-hoc discussions etc. during the event.

See the list of sessions at the 24-hour-agenda page and the schedule here:



Sorry, but the title is actually a bit misleading – at OKF Convention, you get the programme for free, but we need to cover the accomodation, the premises and the adundant feasting that the kitchen has to offer. That’s why instead of tickets we have Convention passes available and with one, you’re allowed to participate as much as you want to!

    • Full 24h pass 128€

Full 24h pass entitles you to attend, participate, organize, get accomodated, go to sauna, and enjoy three meals, breakfast, snacks and drink all the coffee you need. This is the pass that you need to get most out of your OKF Convention experience!

    • Volunteer pass 64€

Volunteer passes are intended for participants who are not able to take part without discounted price, and instead are willing to help organize the convention. This does not mean organizing the sessions, but volunteering in all kinds of general tasks. The passes are meant especially for students and unemployed and we offer only a limited amount of them, so be quick and read more about applying for one!

    • Sponsor pass 384€

We offer organizations with similar spirit that we have an unique opportunity to make a difference within the Open Knowledge movement in Finland. Please contact core team member Joonas Pekkanen for more information.

Ticket sales and sign-up open now!

2 thoughts on “Buy now your pass to OKF Finland Convention (8-9 Feb.)!”

  1. Päivämäärätkö ovat 8.-9.2013? Sai tehdä jonkin verran tutkimustyötä, ennen kuin ne löysi. Suosittelisin laittamaan ne heti otsikkoon ja lisäämään myös exceliin.

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