Open Science Finland Meetup



What: First Gathering of the Open Science Finland group
When: Monday March 4th at 15:30 PM
Where: Kirjaclubin kabinetti, Kirjatyöntekijänkatu 10, Kruunuhaka (Helsinki)
Links: Feel free to RSVP or comment at the Meetup -page or Facebook event page

The Open Science Finland group is a recently established forum for taking open science further in Finland. The main communication channel is the “Open Science Finland” group in Facebook. Currently the group in informal, but we have applied for more official Open Science Working Group status under Open Knowledge Finland (see the international Open Science working group).

Today on Monday March 4th at 15:30 PM we will gather first time to discuss face-to-face what and how the group should do in order to promote openness in Finnish scientific and academic field.

The meetup will take place straight after the bigger Avoin Tiede -event organized by CSC — Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus at Kirjaclubin kabinetti (Kirjatyöntekijänkatu 10). If you don’t find us call Antti Poikola 0443375439


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