MyData Webinar – June 15th


Following the good work of the OK Finland MyData working group, not in the least including the White Paper about A Nordic Model for human-centric personal data management and processing for the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, they’re hoping to expand their Nordic reach, and run an online meetup.

Sounds interesting? Please join!

The online meetup is on Monday June 15th 19pm Central European Time and 20pm Finnish time. Please sign up here and add your suggestions to the agenda.

We have a lot of different cases, contexts and developments around MyData throughout the Nordic region. It makes sense to compare notes, see what we can learn from one another, and collaborate. There’s nothing like a case study from a neighbouring country to help convince policymakers it’s time to do something.

The OK Finland working group is composed of university researchers, government policy makers, entrepreneurs, and civil society enthusiasts, meeting regularly and in consultation with the government, public sector agencies, and businesses.

Aside from you, joining us for the call is the Oslo Open Data Forum meetup –

So, please join and make this your event too.

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