Finnish software companies join efforts to develop an open healthcare system

Press release, free for publishing Mon 5.10.2015 13:15

Finnish software companies have established a consortium, to endorse the openness of information technology solutions used in social and welfare. Consortium creates an open alternative for an electronic health record system.

Establishing members in the consortium are Open Knowledge Finland, NurseBuddy, Reaktor, Codecontrol, Solita, Vincit and Gofore. Members are the leading Finnish suppliers in designing modern services. Consortium utilises experiences in both welfare as well as  other industries.

ASTE-consortium was established to face the serious software development problems recognized in the welfare industry. Consortium’s mission is to provide a solution that is user-oriented, based on agile methods and removes waste, as well as administrative burden. An information system that emphasises openness enables customers to choose the best solutions and suppliers to face their needs.

Sharing best practices is in the core of the established community. Consortium is to launch a developer community, where actors in the field will be welcome.


More information: Product Manager Jaakko Korhonen,, +358 50 328 5285



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