Welcome to the Open Knowledge Finland planning retreat on Nov 11-12

OKFFI Planning Retreat 2016 – Nov 11-12


It’s time to PLAN some awesome actions for 2017. What do we actually want to do? What topics or trends might we find interesting. How do we operationalize our great ideas!? Like last year, the goal is to have a good 24 hours or so time, at some location out of the office – with a nice mix of super people, hard work, and laughs. Hope you can make it!

Please join us for the  Open Knowledge Finland retreat 11-12.11.2016, to plan 2017 actions, to get acquainted with other OKFFI people and activities, and simply to enjoy ourselves in a naturally beautiful area. You are most welcome to join and/or to take part in the agenda/content creation.  

We’d love to see:

  • As much of the core as possible (= board, OKFFI employees, thematic/regional groups contact persons)
  • in addition to the core, at least some other members join – for Fri/Sat or both.
  • English content for at least some of the event, as needed
  • Especially important to NEW core members, or otherwise non-usual suspects

More info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1187229484656365/  (incl. discussion)

Sign-up: http://okf.fi/retriitti-2016-ilmoittautuminen

Where – and getting there

We are at some location 30-60 minutes drive from Helsinki center. Probably one of the spots coordinated/recommended by the Scouts.

Topics we are covering

Add here topics you want to see address – these will be organized into a schedule in the upcoming week


Possible items to cover (add your own)

  • Top societal trends affecting OKFFI within the next 1-3 years
  • Plans for international operations
  • Key strategic goals
  • Implementing delegative democracy
  • Funding
  • Goals for advocacy work
  • Near-term actions (elections 2017)
  • Communications
  • Yearly calendar

Schedule & Program

You can join us for Friday or Saturday – or preferably overnight, for both days. Transportation is being sorted out, still.

The most important goal is to make sure people get acquainted with each other, and various working groups and projects get to exchange thoughts. Other goals include developing vital aspects of OKFFI, including communications, project and membership issues, strategy etc. NOTE that there is room for various types of breakout sessions – what do YOU want to see happen?


Friday 11.4.

~t 14-15 departure from Helsinki Railway station (or other location TBD)

getting settled in and coffee/snacks

16:00 joint sessions (remote participation possible)

17:00 breakout sessions

18:30 dinner

19:30 sauna and other non-sauna activities

21:00 open space (not-predefined sessions, fun and serious)

23:00 evening program

Saturday 12.11.

8:00 morning sauna, breakfast

10:00 jointbreakout sessions

12:00 lunch

13:00 breakout sessions

14:00 joint sessions

15:00 departure

16:00 back at Helsinki Railway station (or other location TBD)


OKFFI will bear the travel costs of all core members, board members, OKFFI employees and named representatives. If your thematic group core member cannot attend, please appoint another person.  BUT, we encourage others to join as well!  Food, accomodation, etc. available at a reasonable rate, please ask for details. You CAN apply for some assistance from working group or association budgets. We are trying to be as inclusive as possible. More details coming up soon.

Contact: teemu.ropponen@okf.fi


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